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Comic Con Dates and Locations

Here are dates and locations for upcoming Comic Cons.

List of Upcoming Comic Cons

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What is Comic Con?

Comic con is a convention based around comic books as well as the movies and entertainment based on them. It is an event where fans get together to buy, sell, share, collect, and socialize around comics.

What are Vendors?

Vendors are the people selling items at the conventions. This can include retail stores, businesses, and artists. At comic cons, the vendors are selling comic books, original comic art, animation art, toys, costumes, and anything else related to comics.

What is Artist Alley?

Artist Alley is the rows of vendors who are artists. They are usually selling their creations and also taking art commissions. This is a great place to meet your favorite artists, find upcoming artists, and buy some cool artwork/comics.

What are Commissions?

A commission is when you pay an artists to create a specific piece of original art for you. This can include artwork that will be completed by the end of the convention or art that the artist will deliver to you later.

What are Guests?

Guests or special guests are usually celebrities or well known figures in the industry that the convention is based on. Sometimes this can include a panel of guests where you can participate and ask questions. Sometimes guests are available for photo ops and signatures.