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What Original Comic Art Should I Buy?

What Original Comic Art Should I Buy?

There comes a point in your life when you find out about original comic art and it becomes a amazing thing to collect because you can own a one-of-a-kind piece of original art from your favorite comics. If you are a fan of comic books, it's likely you'll be a fan of comic art. When I first learned about original comic art, I was ecstatic. I didn't even know these artworks were available for sale. Soon, I was buying art left and right, but eventually I started to wonder which pieces of art I should focus on. Should I buy art purely for investment? Should I buy art from popular titles? Should I buy art from famous artists?

Most collectors go through the same process and we will all agree that you should buy art that catches your eye. The best thing to do when collecting comic art is to buy the art that you appreciate and enjoy looking at. That's the whole purpose of art. You buy the art you enjoy. Over time, I realized that the pieces I didn't enjoy looking at were the ones I wouldn't mind selling. They were also the pieces that I would sometimes regret buying. The artwork I really enjoyed were the ones I wanted to keep forever. They were the ones I treasured the most.

What about art as an investment?

Opinions vary on buying comic art as an investment. Personally, I think it's better to just buy art that you find attractive. But, I do understand that there are those out there that want to make a return on their money and enjoy the game of art investment. They want to be able to sell their comic art and make a profit. Keep in mind that prices vary a lot and future prices are unpredictable. Also, the saying, "Higher risk for higher rewards" can also apply. Maybe a comic art you see right now is not very popular, but in the future it becomes highly sought after. This could be due to new books coming out, new movie releases, or new tv shows that feature characters or stories of the art you collected. However, there could always be a piece of comic art that is really popular now that will not be popular later. Then, there are those famous super expensive pieces of comic art that will most likely increase in value over time just because of their popularity. I think most of those comic arts are out of the price range for most collectors.

Bottom Line

My recommendation is to buy art that you love to look at or focus on artists that you enjoy. I've bought comic art from popular artists as well as some much underrated artists. In many ways, I enjoy buying artwork from less known artists who are very talented because I can own a beautiful piece of comic art without paying the premium for more popular artists. It's also a good feeling to support the artist's work if you like the art they create.

So, buy original comic art that you enjoy!

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