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What It's Like Having a Partner Who Collects Original Comic Art

What It's Like Having a Partner Who Collects Original Comic Art

I always know that my husband is a comic fan based on his childhood collection of comic books and 100+ Marvel movies on our Vudu account; but him becoming an original comic art collector is a different story. He is passionate about it, eager to learn every detail about it, and totally adorable when talking about it. If you find the following list sound familiar, it is likely you are living with a comic art collector as well :)

  1. You always have packages with “DO NOT BEND” signs at your doorstep. The first time, you may wonder if you have a family member sending you a framed photo. Then, you see your partner rushing over to get the package with a big grin on his/her face like a child getting a new toy.
  2. They always try to justify their purchase with something like -- I got a good deal on this; it is for investment; I think it looks good on the wall above our dining table when we buy a house (note: they are NOT going to hang it now).
  3. They treasure the original comic arts so much, and you wonder if you will get the same treatment. I mean there are specific boxes, folders, slips, frames, you name it. What’s more, they get attention! When we were in Maine for vacation, we saw in the news that there was a heat wave in the area where we live. My husband’s first reaction was -- Ah! I wonder if my original comic art collection will be okay; I should have set the AC temperature lower before we left.
  4. They can go a bit too emotionally attached with shipping. When they sell an art, they wrap it so carefully and in a particular way using specific shipping materials, and spend days worrying if the package will survive the trip. When they receive an art, if it is not packaged properly, they get very frustrated. I have to say, it is kinda amusing.
  5. They are pretty knowledgeable about the stuff, artists’ names, issue numbers, Comic Con dates, etc. My husband can’t remember my friends’ names even after hanging out with them multiple times, but he is very familiar with the artists’ names and their art work. It is quite impressive.

So, do you see any of these traits on your art collector?