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Etsy Raises Their Fees

Etsy Raises Their Fees

Etsy Raises Their Fees to 5% + $0.20 Listing Fee. Monthly Fees.

Did you know that Etsy has raised their fees to 5% (up from 3.5%)? On top of that, they require a $0.20 listing fee that needs to be paid even if your item does not sell. We all know that it takes time for art to sell. Many times it may take months or even years. Ety's listing fee will add up during that time. The more items you have that take longer to sell, the more you end up paying Etsy. Now that Etsy has raised their selling fees, who knows when they will raise it again. Etsy will also be introducing monthly fees for different types of services. More fees means less money for you to make.

Alternative to Etsy for Selling Art

Comic Art Mall is a great alternative to Etsy when selling your art or comic books. As a seller, you will save a lot of money because there are no monthly fees and no listing fees. We only collect a small 3.5% selling fee when your item sells. If your item doesn't sell, there is no cost to you. This decreases your risk to almost nothing because it costs you nothing if your item doesn't sell. We also provide all our features to you to help you sell your comics and art.

Save Money, Save Time

Here are other benefits of selling your art on Comic Art Mall:

  1. Decrease Fraudulent Orders. We have integrated fraud detection to show you metrics on orders placed from your store. You can decide if you want to cancel an order based on these metrics.
  2. No Monthly Invoices. Our selling fee is collected automatically from the payments made to your store. So, you don't need to deal with monthly invoice statements from us. This way you will save time and can focus more on selling your art and comics.