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Comic Art Mall Intro for Buying and Selling Original Comic Art and Comic Books

Comic Art Mall Intro for Buying and Selling Original Comic Art and Comic Books

We just launched Comic Art Mall, a brand new marketplace for original comic art, comic books, and art prints. What makes Comic Art Mall special is that we are completely focused and dedicated to the comic category. We are fans of comics and original comic art and designed our website specifically for those things. We want to make it easier for you to find those items you want to collect.

Store Experience

It's easy to open a store if you want to sell your comic art, books, or prints. It just takes 3 steps:

  1. Choose a name for your store.
  2. Add your store address.
  3. Sign up (or log into) for a free Stripe account.

Username vs Store Name

Did you know you can have a different store name than your username? We purposely did this so that you don't mix your personal purchases with your business sales. When you open a free account on Comic Art Mall, you can select a username. When you open a store, you can select a different store name than your username. Of course, if you want to use the same name, which is possible, as long as nobody else has already taken that name.

Benefits of Stripe Payments

The reason we chose Stripe as our payment processor is because it is one of the most popular and reliable online payment processors to date. Over 100k people/companies use them for their payment processing needs. Integrating with Stripe also automates a few processes that you would normally have to do manually:

  1. Paying invoices for selling fees. The selling fee is automatically deducted from your payment when a card is charged. So, you don't need to keep track of invoices from us. There are no reminders to pay your invoice since we don't need to process any of them. It's all done automatically.
  2. Deposits into your bank account. Stripe will automatically deposit your funds into your bank account when the funds become available. So, you don't need to manually log in and withdraw your funds periodically

The other benefit with Stripe integration is that it provides the best experience for your customers. When a customer checks out, they don't know you are using Stripe. They don't need to log into another service (such as Paypal). They just enter their credit card and pay. It's all done very quickly, which will increase your sales. The worst thing you can do during checkout is to provide a long and drawn out checkout process for your customers. If you use Paypal, the customer has to take many steps just to pay. Each additional step is another chance that your customer will abandon their order, which means a lost sale for your store.

Transition from eBay to Comic Art Mall

If you have an eBay store, you can import your feedback to Comic Art Mall. This way, you don't need to start all over with your reviews. Both your user and store feedback can be imported. When you create a listing, you can also preload a listing with one of your eBay listings. We will grab the title, description, price, shipping price, and even download and resize the images for you. We are confident that you will realize how easy it is to list items on Comic Art Mall. We made the process as easy as possible.

Item Specific Details

If you are listing original comic art, comic books, or art prints, our listings provide different details for each. Each item you sell is different. An original comic art piece will not have same details as a comic book. So, we created specific attributes based on the type of item you are selling. Most of these attributes are optional, since we don't want to burden you (the seller) with having to fill out so many fields. However, the option is available for you if you want. Filling these optional attributes will help in our search results.

Save Money with Low Selling Fee

Our selling fee is only 4%. In comparison, eBay charges 10% to 12% depending on what you are selling, and they collect a monthly fee and/or listing fees. Other websites charge anywhere between 8% and 20%. So, our fee is extremely low compared to the competition. We are able to keep costs low through automation and writing excellent software. We have hundreds of automated tests to make sure our software is running smoothly and that we don't introduce new problems when we add new features.

We don't have any monthly fees or listing fees. We know that many comic art pieces and comic books may take time to sell, which is why we decided on not charging for listings. So, basically, you don't pay anything unless you sell an item. Our 4% fee helps us cover the costs of multiple servers that run our website. Our database is supported by multiple database servers to make sure our data is always safe, secure, and replicated. The last thing we want is to lose any data, so we have processes in place to protect your data. We also have multiple servers running our website so that if one server fails, another server can pick it up. We have built our website to be extremely stable, and all of that comes with an expense. So, the selling fee helps us with those expenses. Thank you for your support!

User Experience

We are big fans of comic books and original comic art, so we built the user experience based on what we think the typical fan and collector would enjoy. On top of that, we built an easy and seamless web experience for the user so that everything is self-explanatory, easy to navigate, and easy to find.

Shopping Cart
Our shopping cart has a ton of functionality built in to make your shopping experience easier. Since we are a marketplace, you can have multiple shopping carts (e.g. one cart for each store). You can view all your carts on one page so that you can add carts from different sellers/stores and organize them all at once. You can move items to your watchlist, move items back to your cart, remove items, save items for later, and vice-versa. It's easy to move everything around and your cart will get updated based on what you did.

We also built our checkout to be as easy to use as possible. Everything works on one page and you can easily add addresses, select different addresses, add a payment, select different payments, and manage items you are checking out. It all works seamlessly, and you don't have to move between pages to do anything.

Sell Your Original Comic Art and Comic Books

Our website was designed for you to sell your comic art and comic books. This makes it best place for you to sell your items online since it has been tailored for the comic art and comic book category.

Constant Improvements

We are dedicated to make Comic Art Mall the best marketplace for original comic art and comic books. That being said, we have big plans for this website. We are making updates every week. Fixing bugs, improving processes, and adding new features.